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We are dedicated to helping NYC manufacturing and technology companies grow their top and bottom lines. It's our mission, and what we were created to do by legislation enacted over twenty-five years ago. We do not simply advise, we also provide training and implementation expertise on a variety of topics that make companies more competitive. We work with small and mid-size manufacturers throughout the five boroughs, and help them expand into new markets, create innovative products, develop their customer base, find new partners, improve their processes and develop sustainable practices. This also translates into job creation/retention, and significant economies of time and money.

As the NYC chapter to the Manufacturing Extension Partnership nationwide network, we are part of the largest consulting network in the U.S. serving manufacturing and technology companies with fewer than 500 employees, and have access to an unparalleled knowledge base. With a 25+ year record of helping companies succeed, our team also has a deep understanding of opportunities and challenges that are unique to New York City.

As a non-profit organization, ITAC delivers affordable services to its clients thanks to partial funding from the Empire State Development, the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

ITAC is also the only New York City consulting and training organization audited by an independent third party that ensures that we constantly deliver positive financial impact to our clients. Such crucial metrics as increased sales, cost savings, and jobs retained and created are independently tracked and directly tied to our continued funding. We succeed when our clients succeed.


  • “Our roles are much more clearly defined. We’ve identified problems in the business we’d previously ignored. Being more defined gives us confidence in confronting people and holding them responsible for their actions, or non-actions.”

    Eileen and Patrice Bellomo, Co-Presidents, Tish & Snookys Manic Panic NYC

  • “Thanks to ITAC we were able to turn our idea into reality. ITAC has been instrumental in helping us grow our business.”

    Emma Price, President, Edison Price Lighting