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Unlock your export Growth Potential with ExporTech

Unlock Your Export Growth Potential with ExporTech: Develop, Implement, and Go to Market with an Export Strategy

How Does ExporTechWork?

  • On average, 4 to 8 companies participate in 3 ExporTech workshops, where they receive individualized coaching to develop an actionable growth plan.
  • In the final workshop, each company presents their export plan and receives feedback from international business experts.
  • Jointly offered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership program and the U.S. Export Assistance Centers of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Why ExporTech?

  • Accelerates growth through structured export strategy and business development process.
  • Practical program that helps each company develop an export plan in 10 weeks; and each company is given the opportunity to vet the plan with international business leaders.
  • Innovative peer group model that propels action by combining workshops, peer learning and individual coaching.
  • Individual attention, as the program brings together a wide range of international business experts to on a small group of companies.
  • Connection with organizations that provide follow-on assistance and sources of funding to help companies implement their export plans and go-to-market through trade shows, the USDOC Gold Key Service, and trade missions.

ExporTech Program Timeline (10 weeks)

Who is a Good Fit for participating in ExporTech?


Nearly 1000 companies nationwide have participated in ExporTech. On average, they generate over $500K in new export sales (verified by a 3rd party).

What clients have to say about ExporTech

“We had zero in international sales at the time we participated in ExporTech. Now we have exported to 11 different territories and it really all started with ExporTech. ExporTech is a great value for US exporters. The program was like “training wheels” and gave our team the knowledge and confidence we needed to take our first dive into the international market.  It did a great job of showing us how complex conducting business outside the US would be. It also drove home the point that international business would require multiple internal departments working together to make it happen. ExporTech was the first time we formed a strategic plan for international business, and the first time we realized there were entities to help us, such as Food Export NE. I truly can’t say enough great things of about the program.” Steuben Food

“Pretty much insane if you don’t do this program. I have been in sales for 30 years, and I have never had anything help me better understand the international market. I would recommend the program highly…wish someone had told him sooner. I don’t think small companies know what is available to them…the Gold Key service, state programs. It was too overwhelming. ExporTech clarified everything for me. I would talk to anybody about the program….it changed us… helped us move forward. We probably doubled our international sales.” Enerac

Dates: 3 day workshop- November 16, December 14, 2017 & Date in January (TBD)

Location: ITAC; 83 Maiden Lane, 2nd Floor; NY, NY 10038

Cost: $1200 (2 participants per company) for all 3 sessions, includes lunch

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