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Fay Da Manufacturing

Reducing the Growing Pains

Kellen Chow, Vice President “Thank you ITAC for Lean 101 and Move Smart. It helped us reduce the growing pain and the staffs are much happier. Please keep up the good work and continue to help all the small business.”

Company Profile:

Fay Da Manufacturing is a baking company with thirteen retail locations. They employ 120 people at their Brooklyn manufacturing plant and their retail locations.


Fay Da’s first exposure to ITAC services was Vice President Kellen Chow’s attendance in an Intro to Lean Manufacturing Workshop. Kellen still refers to this as a seminal and eye opening event that led to her interest in increasing productivity and efficiency in the bakery operations. Following the “Lean 101”, Fay Da continued to grow and began looking for a larger location for its bakery operations. ITAC assisted the company with relocation decision support, as well as a Lean Workflow and Layout for a newly built bakery and company headquarters. A successful transition was made to the new facility and Fay Da’s continued growth created a need for additional advising and implementation with ITAC.


ITAC began to advise Fay Da management, resulting in their decision to make a considerable investment in a Point of Sale (POS) system. ITAC began working with Fay Da to improve utilization of the functionality of the system and assist with its implementation to provide information directly to management and the bakery. Implementation involved updating and managing data in the POS system, linking the information with production, setting up bills of material, activating the inventory module and providing training to store personnel.

To support Fay Da’s decision to continue expanding their business model, ITAC is currently working with Fay Da to assist with the documentation and training for ISO22000 Food Safety certification and HAACP compliance.


Fay Da Manufacturing has undertaken a number of initiatives that have supported its growth.

In 2013, Fay Da Manufacturing reported a total economic impact of $3,2MM, 20 new jobs and 6 retained jobs as a result of their work with ITAC.