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Grants and Incentives for Manufacturers


New York State has $750 million in grants and tax incentives to spur business growth. The NYS Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) opens once a year and streamlines and expedites the grant application process. ITAC can help you apply for funding today.

ITAC has been helping New York City companies obtain significant NYS CFA awards since 2012. ITAC and its partner can help you find, apply for, and maximize your economic incentives. We can help navigate the maze of grants, tax benefits, energy discounts, and other incentives.

Eligible Business Activities:

  • Skills development and career advancement training
  • On the job employer-driven skills training or outsourced training
  • Relocation and expansion
  • Capital improvement & equipment purchases
  • Energy efficiency equipment installation
  • Job creation and workforce development
  • High energy consumption

Grants, tax benefits, energy savings, & other programs help companies grow, hire, train, invest, and succeed.

The CFA deadline is July 26, 2019.

Contact us for more information about NYS funding awards, how you can apply, and other funding opportunities (export, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing).