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Manufacturing Corps (M-Corps) Pilot Program

NYSERDA understands the potential of New York startups to bring to market opportunities that can help achieve the State’s clean energy and emissions reduction goals. Inspired by the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps), M-Corps aims to help cleantech startups overcome manufacturing obstacles keeping their products from fulfilling untapped market demands. To do so, the M-Corps pilot program will help New York cleantech entrepreneurs partner with manufacturers and scale up locally made products that enable cleaner, more efficient, and less costly energy use.


Through the lifetime of the M-Corps pilot, NYSERDA plans to offer up to $12 million to support cleantech startups as they manufacture their products. During this initial pilot round $4 million is available. This pilot funding will bridge the gap between cleantech startups and manufacturers.

How It Works

M-Corps is making $4 million available during this pilot round to help startups and manufacturers produce innovative cleantech hardware across the State. Proposers or teams of collaborating proposers to this funding opportunity will compete for funding. These funds will provide 18 to 24 months of financial support and technical expertise to help develop and implement curricula, workshops, mentoring, and other support.

Who Can Apply

NYSERDA encourages collaboration between proposers including incubators, startup mentorship programs, and manufacturing extension partnerships (MEPs) when applying for this pilot. Successful proposers will have at least some of the following characteristics:

  • Access to cleantech startups who need to manufacture a product
  • Access to regional manufacturers with a wide range of capabilities
  • Proven experience working with hardware-focused startups
  • Experience teaching startups in both large group settings and one-on-one mentoring
  • An understanding of the needs of startups that manufacture physical products and those of cleantech startups in general
  • The know-how and network to leverage New York State resources within their regions to benefit startups

Lead proposer must be based in New York State, but collaborators can be experts and organizations from outside the State that will help build New York’s capacity and capability.

If you’re interested in teaming up with others to submit a proposal, email to connect with potential collaborators.

How to Apply

A proposer or team of proposers should follow the directions included in the M-Corps funding opportunity. Be aware that letters of intent are mandatory for this opportunity and must be submitted at least two weeks before the proposal deadline.

Learn More

The M-Corps funding opportunity provides more detailed instructions on this pilot program.


Letters of Intent are due August 31, 2017. Full proposals are due two weeks later, on September 14, 2017.


Email for more information or to express interest in collaborating with others when submitting your proposal.

For more information, please visit NYSERDA.