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Warehousing & Distribution Floorcare

The following insight is from Modern Materials Handling.

A clean warehouse promotes higher productivity and operational efficiency, while a dirty one can create slowdowns and delays. These daily, weekly and annual maintenance and service practices will allow you to extend your industrial equipment’s life for you to get the most out of your investment.

Main benefits of a clean warehouse:

  • Keeping workers safe and healthy. Many workplace injuries (and workers’ compensation claims) are due to slip-and-fall accidents caused by slippery, unclean floors. Dust can also be inhaled, leading to allergies and lung disease. Clean floors minimize these risks and help you achieve OSHA compliance.
  • Making a good impression on visitors and employees. Many warehouses are more than just storage areas; they’re places where suppliers and customers interact. If customers visit your facility, a clean warehouse will go a long way toward making a positive first impression. In addition to that, cleanliness increases employee productivity and helps promote a positive work experience.
  • Ensuring product quality. In some facilities, such as food manufacturing warehouses or electronics distribution centers, dust and grime can impact product quality. Regular cleaning helps you ensure the quality of the parts, equipment, merchandise, and products you’re storing and transporting.

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