Ops21 Grant Case Studies

Explore the key impacts realized as a result of ~$150K of funding provided to 10 NYC manufacturing and industrial companies for Ops21 technology implementation projects.

Ops21 Grant Key Impacts:
  • $1.5M in new sales
  • Nearly 10 jobs created (9.5 FTEs)
  • Substantial cost reductions – examples include a 19-37% decrease in inventory at one manufacturer, and $145K cost savings at another
  • Increased efficiencies – examples include a 300% increase in data storage and a 125% increase in data processing speed across one manufacturer’s operations; as well as reductions in production and testing times for given operations varying from 20 to 80% for several manufacturers

These impacts are a result of the grants issued via the Ops21 grant program that ITAC ran for the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). A grant funds only a portion of the project cost, as we believe strongly that each company must have a financial stake in their project.

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