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The Secret of the “Sale”

Written by Arthur Davis, ITAC’s Senior Client Advisor

As I was racing through the magazine section of The New York Times over the July 4th holiday, an article about Katie Francis, a 13 year old from Oklahoma City, caught my attention. Katie sold 22,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year, breaking her record from last year. She seems to have mastered at such a tender age what some of us take a lifetime to achieve, and others never get: the secret of the “sale”.

Please take a moment to read “How To Sell The Most Cookies”, the New York Times article that caught my attention:
My takeaways:

  1. Always believe in the value of what you are selling.
  2. Always believe in your ability to make the sale.
  3. Always prepare. Now, go back and challenge yourself to prepare in greater detail.
  4. Always keep moving, as time spent on one resistant customer means less time available for what might be a more receptive customer.
  5. Always have what you need to support the sale, adequate inventory for instance, to make the customer happy.
  6. Always believe there are no time boundaries to success.
  7. Always be imaginative. Do it differently, as well as better.
  8. Always understand that any sales process involves gathering a committed team to support your vision and ethics. Without their belief in your dedication, vision and leadership, you will never achieve your greatest potential.
  9. Always, always, always persist. Did I mention, always?
  10. Always resist the temptation to eat your own inventory. This is especially important if you are not in the food industry.
  11. Now, go back to Number 1 and start again. This time with a smile!