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We offer a wide range of services thanks to the experience and capabilities of ITAC’s
team of business professionals, which includes internal consultants, external partner consultants,
and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s nationwide network of experts.

Business GrowthFinancial PlanningContinuous ImprovementSustainabilityQuality & CertificationsSupply ChainWorkforce Development
Strategic Planning
Change Management
Strategic Marketing
Market Research
Sales Planning
Lead Generation
Export Strategy
Innovation and New Product Development
Technology Acceleration
Technology Scouting
Succession Planning / Exit Strategy
Expansion and Relocation Planning
Website and Search Engine Optimization
Grants and Tax Incentives
Budgeting / Forecasting
Cost Accounting

Continuous Improvement / Lean Manufacturing

To enhance their competitive advantage, manufacturing firms are increasingly adopting a Continuous Improvement philosophy. Designed to help achieve a lasting and meaningful impact, it is a complete shift in the way an organization operates. It is culture-driven, requires everyone’s commitment, and involves undertaking a comprehensive operations assessment to improve processes that increase bottom line results. ITAC views Lean Manufacturing as a component of the Continuous Improvement philosophy. Used to reduce lead times, minimize inventory and raise productivity, Lean techniques are accepted as best practice in manufacturing, front office processes and production functions. We offer several programs to streamline processes and systems, improve costs, manage materials, ensure quality, and measure performance. More specifically, our experts quickly hone in on the best opportunities to minimize overproduction, inventory, wait time, production bottlenecks, defects and any other inefficiencies. This results in improved production and financial performance, as well as enhanced customer satisfaction and increased competitiveness. ITAC’s Continuous Improvement / Lean tools include:

Lean 101 Introductory Workshop
Value Stream Mapping
5S Visual Workplace
Total Productive Maintenance
Set-Up Reduction
Cellular Manufacturing
Kanban System
Lean Office
Production Planning & Inventory Control
Equipment and Automation Planning
Plant Layout and Workflow
Theory of Constraints
Sustainability Assessments/Strategy
Pollution Prevention
Preparation for Customer Audits
Lean and Sustainable Design
Quality Systems Assessment
Quality Systems Management
Six Sigma
Statistical Process Control
Food Safety
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Supplier Sourcing
Supply Chain Optimization
HR Workforce Development
Policies and Manuals
Compensation and Performance Appraisals
Training Plan Development