Paula Rimer

Paula Rimer has 25 years of experience in business and entrepreneurship. In 1989, along with her partner and husband Eric Shkolnik, Paula co-founded IDCS, a technology company that employed hundreds of people, generated revenues over $15MM, and served the country’s largest financial firms. In 2011, Paula and Eric entered industrial food manufacturing after successfully launching Crepini, a first-of-its-kind branded product. The duo strongly believed that the American market would enjoy crepes as much as Europeans have for thousands of years. Crepini, which currently employs 30 people is growing fast, producing 12,000 crepes per hour. As CEO of Crepini, Paula is dedicated to the communities her company serves, as well as to the ever-expanding Industry and Specialty Food Association. She focuses on Crepini’s social and environmental impact, transforming her company into a certified B Corp (Benefit Corporation). Paula serves on the Boards of both ITAC and the Diversity Council of the Specialty Food Association.