Garment District Business Best Practice Program

Garment District Growth Initiative: Empowering Local Manufacturers

Production has been significantly reduced
Consumer spending and demand has plummeted
Major brands and retailers have shuttered their
doors or moved overseas
Customer retention and acquisition have
never been more challenging
Reduced order quantities negatively impacting cash flow
Increasing operation costs and decreasing margins
A forced shift to online retailing is causing
everyone to rethink the equation

The evolving landscape poses significant financial challenges for businesses in the Garment District, calling for a strategic intervention.

The Garment District Alliance has fully funded ITAC’s Rapid Intervention Program, aims to strengthening manufacturers in NYC’s Garment District by helping them to develop solutions to address their biggest challenges.

The goals of the program, which is entirely free for participating businesses, include:

– Assessing the current health of your business, identifying your most pressing needs, and providing expert guidance.

– Supporting your business efforts by providing 8 hours of personalized one-on-one consultation tailored to your company’s specific challenges. Our experts specialize in areas including Business Strategy, Operations, Finance, Digital Marketing, and Human Resources. Don’t navigate these challenges alone – harness our expertise to propel your business forward.

– Marketing services to support your company’s growth and success. Our free marketing program is tailored to companies in the Garment District, offering a range of services like website development, social media strategies, digital marketing, and branding initiatives. We collaborate closely with you to identify impactful strategies that align with your goals and drive tangible results.

How Can You Take Advantage Of This Free Program?

Schedule a Discovery Meeting: a one-on-one session to review your specific business and to assess where you most need help. We will then arrange follow-up meetings with a specialist based on your specific needs. Please contact Andy Ward if you would like to learn more about this program. We look forward to helping your business thrive!

Programming Made Possible by the GDA & ITAC 

Learn More About the Organizations

Garment District Alliance
The Garment District Alliance

The GDA serves New York’s storied Garment District, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Working in partnership with local building owners and businesses, the GDA works to improve the quality of life and economic vitality in this authentic New York neighborhood. The Garment District Alliance, formerly the Fashion Center BID, is a not-for-profit corporation, established in 1993. The Garment District Alliance is a proud and long-time supporter of New York City’s fashion industry and has demonstrated its commitment through an array of programs and services aimed at strengthening the industry.


ITAC is a premier manufacturing advisement firm that connects New York City firms to ideas, resources, and experts to help them grow their businesses, improve their bottom lines, and achieve their strategic goals. ITAC works with companies throughout the five boroughs, helping them expand into new markets, create innovative products, develop their customer base, find new partners, improve their processes and develop sustainable practices. This also translates into job creation/retention, and significant economies of time and money. As the NYC chapter of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership nationwide network, ITAC is part of the largest consulting network in the U.S. serving small and medium manufacturing and technology companies, and has access to an unparalleled knowledge base. With a 30+ year record of helping companies succeed, ITAC’s team also has a deep understanding of opportunities and challenges that are unique to New York City.