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Wonton Food Inc. 

“Wonton’s relationship with ITAC has been instrumental in helping us increase our sale, diversify our markets, and increase our profitability.” – Norman Wong, President. Read More

Hersco Ortho Labs

“Working with ITAC has allowed us look to beyond the constant stream of day-to-day issues that arise when operating a busy, growing company.  They have helped us keep an eye on the bigger picture, to adapt and grow as our business expanded. We are grateful for the partnership.” Read More

Cumberland Packaging Corporation

“ITAC has been invaluable to us, especially in the area of training initiatives. They have also assisted us in the areas of Logistics (Transportation management and consulting), Cybersecurity, and HR, thereby significantly bolstering our operations.” – David Gordon, COO Cumberland Packaging Corp. Read More

David G. Flatt Ltd. 

“ITAC has been a great resource for us. The collective expertise, and their understanding of small manufacturing businesses is broad and deep. ITAC has helped us cross some difficult organizational bridges and helped us move another step forward. The result has been greater profitability, and a leaner organization. We still have work to do, and we’re planning to go forward with ITAC.”  Read More

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

“Working with ITAC and NYSP2I, we have been able to install a completely new racking system in our main freezer that helps reduce the strain on our equipment, as well as energy use. They also helped us implement a new inventory system that allows our warehouse team to work more efficiently.” – Morgan Paradis, Food Safety and Quality Assurance. Read More

Yula Corporation

“Realizing that Yula was transitioning and looking for ways to improve both organization and workflow, we turned to ITAC for help. We were able to not only have a continued source of help and understanding of our needs, but expert guidance as well. ITAC’s assistance helped us have a clear picture of the future, with realistic goals.”  Read More

Fay Da Manufacturing

“Thank you ITAC for Lean 101 and Move Smart. It helped us reduce the growing pains, and the staff is much happier. Please keep up the good work and continue to help all the small businesses.” – Kellen Chow, Vice President.  Read More

Edison Price Lighting 

“Thanks to ITAC we were able to turn our idea into reality. ITAC has been instrumental in helping us grow our business.” – Emma Price, President.  Read More

Mini Circuits Inc.

“ITAC came to our rescue when internal training efforts were not sufficient to get the job done. They guided us through the process and smoothed out bumps along the way, providing the professional support needed to make our project successful.” – Arthur Ackerman, Quality Assurance Manager.  Read More

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