Quality Patterns

Based in the Garment District, Quality Patterns is widely recognized as a top resource for working with and engineering specialty fabrics.

We were nonexistent in the modern ways of doing business, but now our website is bringing in an average of 5 new leads a week.

Maria LipariDirector of Operations


For the last 50 years, this family-owned business has worked with some of the greatest design houses, legendary red carpet couturiers, and emerging designers. Quality Patterns is well known and has a strong reputation. New business traditionally came from a steady stream of referrals.

Due to COVID, many long-term clients are out of business and the emerging designers they worked with have disappeared. Orders were unpredictable and acquiring new customers was a top priority. Quality Patterns had to find clients but, without word of mouth referrals, they had no systems in place to attract new business.


Prospective customers needed a way to discover Quality Patterns and learn about their services. Partnering with ITAC and the Garment District Alliance, we developed their first website and established a digital footprint.

The website showcases their services, builds social proof by sharing an impressive list of past clients, and offers simple methods of getting in contact with the Quality Patterns team. The website was SEO optimized with a content strategy to help Quality Patterns rank well on Google searches, without any paid ads. A new Google My Business page displays positive reviews and quick links with contact information.

With this inbound digital marketing strategy, future customers are able to easily find Quality Patterns and identify them as the best solution.


Digital marketing has increased brand awareness and provides a new, consistent lead source. On average, 5 new prospective clients are reaching out every week to learn more and schedule consultations. Even international designers are filling out the web form to start projects. 

These new customers help replace past clients lost to COVID, but also smooth out the ebbs and flows of business from top customers who traditionally follow the seasonality of the fashion industry. The team at Quality Patterns remains positive as business picks back up. Much more of their work now comes from smaller ateliers and emerging designers, who learn of their services thanks to their digital presence.