David G. Flatt Ltd.

David G. Flatt Ltd. was founded over 30 years ago as a custom boutique furniture operation. By the early 90s, the Queens, NY manufacturer was a full-scale, 25+ employee design house specializing in custom exhibits, custom retail displays and unique furniture design for fashion brands.

ITAC has been a great resource for us. The collective expertise, and their understanding of small manufacturing businesses is broad and deep. ITAC has helped us cross some difficult organizational bridges and helped us move another step forward. The result has been greater profitability, and a leaner organization. We still have much work to do, and we’re planning to go forward with ITAC.

David G. FlattPresident


The company evolved from its craftsman roots into a larger manufacturer of custom exhibit booths, mostly for the fashion industry, without developing its core management team or organizational framework. They did not establish a dedicated sales/marketing department to continuously fill their order pipeline. David Flatt realized that culture change would need to become a collective part of the vision of ownership and management. Breaking down old, unprofitable methodologies and getting buy-in and traction from staff would take time. Flatt realized that culture change needed to become embedded in the organizational fabric. The company contacted ITAC to assist them with these workforce initiatives.


David Flatt and ITAC set out on a number of initiatives, such as creating job descriptions to clearly define the responsibilities and duties of key staff, implementing a forecasting and budgeting system of financial controls to help inform ownership’s decision-making process; and establishing codified processes and procedures so that every employee understood how the company’s design and manufacturing processes worked, and the role each played in making the organization profitable.


David Flatt has improved its exhibit design process and set-up time, reduced the labor to manufacture an exhibit, developed better relations with key accounts and enabled them to expand their market reach. Cash flow, as well as employee morale, has also improved. David Flatt reported a total economic impact of $840K and 6 new and retained jobs, as a result of their work with ITAC.