Cumberland Packing Corp.

Founded in 1945, Cumberland Packing Corporation is a privately-owned, third-generation Brooklyn-based company best known as the manufacturer, distributor and marketer of Sweet’N Low.

ITAC has been invaluable to us, especially in the area of training initiatives. They have also assisted us in the areas of Logistics (Transportation management and consulting), Cybersecurity, and HR, thereby significantly bolstering our operations.

David GordonCOO Cumberland Packaging Corp.


After staff reductions and a reorganization of production several years ago, ownership wanted to restructure and re-energize many of their key staff members. Cumberland asked ITAC to put together a training and personnel outreach program to help develop a greater sense of unity and purpose and assist management with ongoing strategic initiatives.

Prior to that, ITAC had been engaged in multiple projects to help Cumberland with opportunities around supply chain management, warehousing, productivity, sustainability, strategic planning, lean initiatives, and food safety certification. The ITAC team had a deep understanding of management dynamics and identified opportunities to help Cumberland become a more cohesive, functional and competitive organization.


ITAC developed a multi-level initiative to provide coaching and advisory facilitation; a family governance program; and leadership development. An analysis of the organization including roles and responsibilities as well as organizational communication flow preceded the initiative. ITAC then developed a well-articulated step-by-step process to strengthen the organization, ensuring that it is well positioned for growth, stability and sustainability.

Anticipating resistance to restructuring, ITAC held multiple group and individual meetings with the full support and cooperation of ownership. Through this process Cumberland’s staff was part of a coaching approach to learn how to work through both the barriers and opportunities of restructuring. This approach also included elements of family governance and the integration of the strategic plan with family legacy initiatives.


As part of a core strategy to grow the company, these initiatives continue today and have had a profound effect on growing management’s skills. This project is credited with helping Cumberland redefine its culture and creating a more functional and competitive senior staff team. In 2019, Cumberland reported a substantially positive economic impact and 6 new/retained jobs as a result of its work with ITAC.