Mini Circuits Inc.

Mini-Circuits is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of electrical components for multiple industries. The company has 350 employees in two facilities in Brooklyn, New York.

ITAC came to our rescue when internal training efforts were not sufficient to get the job done. They guided us through the process and smoothed out bumps along the way, providing the professional support needed to make our project successful.

Arthur AckermanQuality Assurance Manager


The CEO of Mini-Circuits wanted employees to have an opportunity to grow their skills, make themselves more marketable, and become greater contributors to their families and communities. The company contacted ITAC for assistance in developing an enrichment program for Mini-Circuits employees, with an initial focus on computer training.


ITAC built a simple and flexible framework that began with a skills assessment and course placement. Over 70 employees enrolled in the first two terms, as word quickly spread that each workshop was designed to be user-friendly and informative. Mini-Circuits invested in providing employees with training in basic computer skills, and plans to roll out a more comprehensive training package to support the future evolution of “Mini-Circuits University”. ITAC adjusted on the fly to accommodate the company’s diverse student population, striving to get the most out of each member. Employees embraced the program and their voices continue to define the workshops.


Mini-Circuits trained 70 employees in the first two terms, invested $3K in employee training, and engaged employees in “Mini-Circuits University,” as a result of their work with ITAC.