Hersco Ortho Labs

Founded in the 1930s in NYC, Hersco Ortho Lab manufactures custom, precision orthopedic devices for thousands of practitioners in the U.S. and in many other countries around the world.

Working with ITAC has allowed us to look beyond the constant stream of day-to-day issues that arise when operating a busy, growing company. They have helped us keep an eye on the bigger picture, to adapt and grow as our business expanded. We are grateful for the partnership.

Seamus KennedyPresident


Hersco established a national presence by both constantly innovating and maintaining consistent outreach to professionals.  The company has grown over the last decade from a small shop to two manufacturing locations in Long Island City and one in Astoria, New York, where they have an investment in new software and 3D printing.

To support and enhance their outreach efforts, the company had to produce greater numbers of orthotics, shorten their lead time, reduce their return rate and grow their organization with more skilled mangers and trained craftsman. Ownership realized that culture change was an essential ingredient in this transformation and have continuously supported growing the skill sets of its staff.


In the last fifteen years, ITAC has become a trusted advisor to ownership, completing over a dozen projects ranging from marketing and sales development, to Lean productivity initiatives. ITAC has also worked with Hersco on Supervisory Management training and multiple recruitment projects. ITAC has helped ownership refine and further focus its vision of how best to grow sales, profitability and the brand.


As a result of these initiatives, the company’s growth and profitability has consistently increased year over year. In 2019, Hersco created a separate company partnership with an Australian firm to increase output and craft higher quality orthotics. This single initiative, with ITAC’s assistance, will help them address productivity and quality issues while offering their customers a better product in a shorter time with a reduced price. It will also offer Hersco an opportunity to expand their marketing reach and visibility, while delivering a better product to the athletic markets, in which they already have a notable presence.