New York Embroidery Studio

New York Embroidery Studio offers a full range of services, including embroidery and embellishments, fabric printing, pleating, laser cutting, punch on, hand sewing, trimming, 3D printing and much more.

“Using a Customer Relationship Management tool broadens our client base and significantly improved the entire sales process.”

Natalie MerkertMarketing Coordinator


Up until recently, New York Embroidery Studio (NYES) operated on a traditional, pen-and-paper system, with customers calling to place an order. All details were tracked via handwritten notes, and order sheets were then hung on coat hangers for the team to review and process. “Everything was done manually”, confirms Natalie Merkert, the team’s Marketing Coordinator.

Yet the team was well aware of how easy it is to lose track of a single sheet of paper. Orders could be misplaced on the factory floor or fall through the cracks. Client account information was also written out on paper, making relationship management an arduous task. Without any automation or systems, too much time was spent tackling manual tasks, thereby hindering scalability, growth, and client relationships.


With set-up and onboarding support from ITAC, the NYES team implemented Zoho, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Initially, Zoho was simply used for order submission and management. Like many CRM tools, Zoho offers templated web forms, which empowered NYES to accept online orders without the need of a web developer. Orders were also now standardized, which simplified and accelerated the process of completing a project.

Zoho now also manages the company’s invoicing and payments, and automatically integrates with its accounting software. Client information is stored digitally, and all email marketing and automation is also delivered through the CRM tool. Additionally, the team’s social media is planned and published within Zoho.


Thanks to the task management tool, production schedules are much simpler to oversee and organize. One simple report allows the team to conduct a daily review of tasks by due date and department, and assess what work is current and upcoming for each machine. This streamlined process has made it much easier to complete projects: optimized time management means that workers have additional time to devote to production and output.

Introducing an online ordering system has not only made the order process easier for existing customers, but it’s also helped New York Embroidery Studio grow its client base. With paid advertising, prospects are directed to the website and can place an order on their own – without any active sales efforts from the company.

Zoho has also helped NYES fully utilize its customer database as a business asset. Because client details and email marketing capabilities are integrated, the team is able to nurture prospects, engage past clients, and strengthen existing relationships. Sharing announcements and providing education around new services has increased customer lifetime values, thereby supporting the company’s long-term growth and profitability.

Overall, implementing CRM software has allowed New York Embroidery Studio to increase sales, improve customer retention, and maximize productivity. As Natalie enthusiastically sums up: “It’s been a game-changer in that it covers everything for us.”