Wonton Food Inc.

Wonton Food, Inc. is a large Chinese American manufacturer of noodles, wrappers, and fortune cookies. Wonton employs over 395 people and is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

Wonton’s relationship with ITAC has been instrumental in helping us increase our sales, diversify our markets, and increase our profitability.

Norman WongPresident


Wonton’s ownership realized that in order to grow, the company would need to develop and follow a strategic plan to address supply chain issues, market research development, cost accounting, executive recruitment, and company culture initiatives.

In the early 2000s, ownership asked ITAC to put together a comprehensive plan and help develop strategies to tackle its areas of need. Satisfied by the work, Wonton’s founder hired ITAC to help implement and execute the plan.


For the last 15 years, ITAC has worked closely with Wonton to advise ownership to solve critical operational concerns by bringing in experts to address various areas, such as:

  • Supply chain – to lower material and packaging costs;
  • Market research to discover new markets;
  • Cost accounting to determine the true cost of its products;
  • Executive recruitment;
  • Company culture initiatives;

All have helped improve the company’s profitability and sales potential.

ITAC played an instrumental role in helping Wonton establish and manage a new division. ITAC worked with Wonton on the marketing and sales portion of the new division by determining how target consumers would perceive specific products.


As a result of these initiatives, Wonton has been able to successfully crossover to the mainstream American Food Service market. Today, this division contributes a significant percentage to Wonton’s top and bottom lines.

ITAC, continues to work with Wonton to identify and implement new initiatives to drive the company’s growth. This transformational work continues to allow Wonton to expand its markets and dramatically increase both sales and profitability.

In 2019, Wonton reported $21MM in economic impacts,45 new jobs, and 10 retained jobs thanks to its work with ITAC.