Ben Oni

“There's a thrill in wearing a piece of jewelry that looks like a splurge but isn't. I want everyone to be able to experience that joy.”

Ashley NewmanFounder

Ashley Newman incorporated Ben Oni three years ago, with the goal of providing trendsetting and glamorous jewelry to customers who want to look good and feel their best, without breaking the bank.

. It is extremely important to Ashley that jewelry be accessible to everyone, and by working with high-quality and durable 18K gold vermeil, she is able to create and sell her styles at affordable prices: “Jewelry is for everyone. Accessible prices mean you still have money to get a fun cocktail, while looking amazing!”.

Ashley is dedicated to her clients, which she calls her “muses”, and designs her jewelry with them in mind: “They’ve got a deep closet and a potential undiagnosed shopping habit, so my clients really need to stretch their dollar! They might be looking for budget-friendly options, but certainly aren’t settling on low quality.”

To solve this high-quality, low-cost puzzle, Ashley has explored multiple manufacturers and materials. Once she found the perfect fit, she streamlined both her line and her suppliers for more product and brand consistency. Shopping on her website today, clients find vibrant statement-makers. Raised in the culturally rich neighborhoods of the Bronx and deeply connected to her Jamaican roots, Ashley finds design inspiration from her community and heritage. Her jewelry is bold, fun, and always stylish: “Every piece is designed to boost confidence and help wearers shine. Whether you gravitate toward minimalist designs, bold statements, gold, or silver, we offer choices that speak to your style.”

“Jewelry is personal and ever-evolving, just like our clients’ moods and interests. Ben Oni’s collections celebrate the multifaceted nature of every individual.”

Ashley’s business operates through a direct-to-consumer model via its e-commerce website and engages in drop shipping for major retailers such as Macy’s and Nordstrom through their online platforms. Additionally, Ben Oni’s jewelry graces the shelves of brick-and-mortar retailer Schofield’s and is featured in “The Little Words Project,” a branded retailer with six locations. Always eyeing additional expansion, Ashley is considering a potential Amazon partnership through the Black Accelerator Program.

Starting in 2024, she will also be attending trade shows and expanding her online efforts to broaden her brand’s visibility. After repeated requests from the community, she has also recently introduced a brand ambassador program. By sharing their favorite Ben Oni pieces with friends and followers, ambassadors earn commissions through personalized affiliate links. This collaborative initiative not only amplifies the brand’s reach, but also allows passionate individuals to curate their jewelry narrative. Customers can now be advocates, and Ashley can continue to successfully build her community.

 “Ben Oni means ‘son of my sorrow’ in the Bible; every piece created symbolizes hope.”

Under Ashley’s guidance, Ben Oni isn’t just a jewelry destination; it’s a celebration of roots, resilience, and the enduring spirit of self-expression. The company distinguishes itself through its inclusive, accessible jewelry shopping experience. Looking toward the future, Ashley plans to hire more staff to assist with shipping, a critical area that demands attention in the face of escalating demand. Ashley is also focused on achieving the best possible understanding of her clients’ needs through direct feedback as well as analytics and insights into their shopping behavior. Ashley’s hard work and winning formula have resulted in Ben Oni enjoying remarkable success; her jewelry is a celebration of diversity, and a reminder even the darkest moments can give birth to something radiant and enduring.