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“People want to enjoy life, and fashion is meant to be fun.”

Cesar Galindo

Cesar Galindo moved to NYC on the 4th of July.

Born in Houston, Cesar is the youngest of eleven children. There’s no questioning how deeply his family has impacted and motivated Cesar in this journey. Learning about business from his father and the craft of garment creation from his mother, he has perfectly combined their talents into a successful career.

Once in NYC, Cesar quickly landed the role of a showroom manager where he absorbed everything he could about the industry and how to speak the language. This foundational knowledge, combined with a natural curiosity and drive have been integral in his career – which has spanned from the theatre and dressing rockstars for concert tours, to launching lines with global brands and designers,  and to finally dressing celebrities in his own brand.

cesar galindo
Cesar Galindo studio

“I’m really watching my footprint and focusing on sustainability.”

While working for other designers, Cesar continued to build his own brand. This business has now been in operation for many years, but Cesar is excited to finally be going at it full force, with all of his efforts culminating in a Fall 2022 collection launch.

Much of his daywear line is made of dresses and tops. As Cesar says, “Something simple but novel to put on”. Nothing about this collection, which includes a velvet and sequins track suit, is boring. Cesar has, however, simplified his design philosophy. All of his fabrics and materials must come from NYC, and he’s working hard to use every single square inch. Leftover pieces are incorporated into designs, and sustainability is top of mind.

“If we can take anything away from the past two years, it’s that we can’t take ourselves so seriously.”

Cesar is leaning into his cheery nature, and there’s a lightness about him as he describes this new project. It’s easy to tell he is deeply enjoying the process, and his positivity is contagious.

Having just recently dressed Diane von Furstenberg and her daughter for the Met Gala, there is a lot of industry buzz circling around Cesar. Magazines are preparing for their Fall editions and booking photography sessions, which perfectly aligns with his new line release. As he strategizes his first direct to consumer launch and continues to build this new collection, Cesar is confident and smiling every step of the way.

Cesar Galindo designs

Q&A with Cesar Galindo

What keeps you motivated?

The alarm clock. If I don't get up it doesn't happen.

Who most influenced you?

My parents. My mother taught me how to sew and shared with me her love of design.

What’s your advice to someone starting out in this business?

COVID has opened up the negotiation table between designers and the stores. There's no longer order minimums and there is much more balance. For a young designer, that's really important.

Where's your favorite place to eat in the Garment District?

Carmen's Kitchen on 38th. There's always a line but Momma's back there cooking, and it's worth the wait.