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“Until City Bicycles, I couldn’t find a bike company that treated me the way I wanted to be treated.””

Jhonotan MoloonOwner

Jhonotan Moloon has been cycling since he was seven years old.

His lifelong journey as a cyclist is a testament to his unwavering passion for the sport: “I have always been active; exercise and staying healthy are important parts of my life”, he shares.

After relocating to New York City at the age of nineteen, Jhonotan became captivated by the options and quality of the bikes that were available: “I went to all the shops and spent all the money I earned.” At the time, this money came from working at a bagel shop in Midtown. Between his bike shop visits and his job, Jhonoton also found time to volunteer at a local animal shelter, and became friendly with a dog kennel owner who eventually offered him a managerial position. Spending six years at the kennel taught him how to run a business.

It was also during this time that Jhonotan had an experience that would change his life’s direction. “I worked for an entire year to save for a fancy bike that I really wanted. I finally had enough money but when I walked into the store to buy it, the workers took one look at me and told me I couldn’t afford it.” Jhonotan, feeling incredulous, walked out of the shop. At another bike shop, he decided to have a custom-made bike and, and got a taste of what it was like to build something with one’s own hands.

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“I kept crashing bikes, and none of the shops fixed them the way I wanted.”

Cycling is a hobby that inevitably comes with some risks. Jhonotan frequently found himself at the local repair shops and was often left disappointed by the level of service provided. “Shops were just doing an okay job and didn’t provide the close attention to detail that was needed.”

After experiencing the satisfaction of building his own bicycle and feeling disillusioned with the bike repair scene in NYC, Jhonotan embarked on a journey to become a bicycle mechanic. He went out west, to Colorado and later Oregon, to train. He’s now a certified welder, bike frame builder, and mechanic — just to name a few of his many skills.

If you love a bike, it will love you back.”

Once back in New York, Jhonotan discovered City Bicycles, and was deeply impressed with the staff’s expertise. In fact, he admits “falling in love” with the shop. Despite having a full-time job, he eagerly inquired about any available opportunities and began working part-time, often after completing a full shift, dedicating his efforts to “fixing things” and interacting directly with customers. Eventually, when the company’s bike mechanic left, Jhonatan was brought on full-time.

In 2003, City Bicycle’s owner approached him with an opportunity: she was ready to retire, and Jhonotan was the natural successor. His journey, from mastering the art of bike mechanics to honing his skills as a business leader, prepared him for this role. Jhonotan has since celebrated twenty years of ownership, and couldn’t be happier. “I love fixing bikes because I know how everything works. It’s so rewarding.”, he elaborates. City Bicycles is known for the quality of service and diverse range of products it provides: “We sell entry level through Tour de France bicycles.” Never forgetting his past experiences, Jhonotan ensures that City Bicycles consistently delivers standout service to each and every client. “Bike service is available everywhere, but it’s our goal to provide the absolute best service.”

Looking ahead, Jhonotan is hoping for more bike lanes, street closures, and a heightened focus on combating climate change. “More bikes!” is his final note, summarizing his vision for a greener, healthier future.

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Q&A with Jhonotan Moloon

What work have you most enjoyed?

There are so many people in Midtown and they’re all so different. It’s great to get to know the customers and work with them.

What keeps you motivated?

I love my job, and I love coming to work every day. I haven’t had a day in 30 years where I didn’t want to come to work.

Who has most influenced you?

I have been surrounded by wonderful women. My mother and grandmother have influenced me a lot. Amy, who originally opened this store, was so encouraging when I took over and constantly reminded me that I could do this.