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“My grandfather and father were both in the local leather jacket business, so I grew up in a leather jacket factory.”

Alex BassOwner

Alex Bass, a third generation leathermaker and the owner of District Leather prides himself on bringing a deeply personal touch to the world of leather manufacturing.

Building upon his family’s rich legacy, he established District Leathers in 2016, immediately contributing to the business a wealth of firsthand experience and industry knowledge. Today, emerging and established designers, home hobbyists, home furnishing decorators, as well as wholesale designers all look to Alex and his team to advise on and supply a broad range of leather materials. From its Garment District office, the company also offers complete leather finishing and cutting, and manufactures leather components.

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We are able to find virtually anything that our clients are looking for. If you’re looking for something, we will find it, no matter how niche it is.”

District Leathers is more than just a supplier, it’s a true partner for customers seeking unique leather solutions: “Our supplier network is global, and we work with over thirty suppliers at any given time. We are always pushing for innovative leathers and solutions that our clients haven’t seen before.” Thanks to its extensive network of suppliers, the company can source virtually any leather products their clients are seeking. In fact, District Leathers stands out by consistently offering products that are not found elsewhere in the United States, thereby positioning itself as a trendsetter in the leather industry.

Many of these unique materials can be browsed in the company’s New York showroom, which includes areas for exotic python, stingray, and crocodile leathers. Clients are also increasingly seeking more sustainable and environmentally friendly options: “Everyone is looking for vegan leather options now. We have several options, including this leaf leather — it’s not embossed or printed to look this way, it’s an actual leaf!”, Alex explains enthusiastically.

We help with every single aspect of a project — from design considerations to the selection of the best materials for particular designs.”

In addition to providing innovative and high-quality products at affordable prices, Alex prides himself on District Leathers’ impeccable customer service.  The company has positioned itself as a go-to resource for clients, offering expertise and support in navigating the complex world of leather design and consumption.

District Leather serves the fashion industry and the home furnishings sector, ensuring that designers in both spaces have access to quality materials and expert guidance. The integration of a robust e-commerce platform has revolutionized their materials’ accessibility, allowing the company to effortlessly assist a diverse clientele. Hobbyists can conveniently place small orders for their leather crafting ventures, while sourcing agents, fashion designers, and home furnishing professionals can explore a vast array of options online. This digital transition has not only broadened District Leathers’ reach to customers nationwide, but it has also facilitated a seamless experience for both new and existing clients.


As District Leathers looks to the future, it remains committed to pushing the boundaries of leather innovation. With a website and local showroom stocked with hard-to-find leathers, the company serves as a valuable resource for those seeking exclusive materials. Looking toward the future, District Leathers aims to continue fostering its relationships with clients, from individuals to large fashion labels and wholesale décor projects. By consistently providing top-notch customer service, staying on-trend with innovative leather solutions, and delivering on its promise of quality and cost-effectiveness, District Leathers stands poised for further success. Alex Bass’ dedication to finding new and unique leathers ensures that the company remains an industry leader, offering its clients a blend of tradition, innovation, and exceptional service.

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