Happy Fashion on 36

“Our mission is to have our clients leave happy and satisfied.”

Paul ImOwner

What sets Happy Fashion On 36 apart is its ability to take a concept and transform it into a finished product, all under one roof.

Covering the entire production process, the Happy Fashion team provides comprehensive services for both emerging and established fashion designers, thereby helping them navigate the logistical challenges inherent to the industry. From creating patterns to developing samples, cutting and sewing, and finally production and packaging – Happy Fashion handles it all. Throughout the past few decades, the company’s end-to-end services have gained a solid reputation for simplifying the often complex and fragmented path from idea to market.

rolls of fabric, measuring tape and scissors on a wooden table
two workers looking at clothing sketches on paper

“We can do almost everything for our clients, so we do.”

Paul Im got his start in the Garment District delivering fabric to various businesses. He started his journey by learning and developing a thorough understanding of fabric production, and then turned his focus to the first step of the garment production process: cutting. Throughout his career, he has been involved in sample making, pattern marking, and eventually earned a complete education on every facet of garment making. Paul even took the step of learning Spanish, after perfecting his English, to better communicate with staff and industry members. Today, this in-depth knowledge helps him serve a wide range of clients who rely on his vast experience and expertise.

“Customers can be anywhere, but we have to be in NYC.”

While Paul has watched many friends and competitors relocate outside of the Garment District, he has never considered it himself. In fact, he is proud to have operated in the same building for nearly thirty years. Equipped with a dedicated cutting room and two full-size cutting tables — an uncommon luxury in the Garment District — the Happy Fashion factory is truly unique.

With long-term customers placing consistent orders, the business focus is not on generating work — it’s on making sure the team completes the work with the impeccable quality and on-time delivery that it is known for. “It’s easy to lose a customer by being late” is a common phrase shared at Happy Fashion. With a centralized location in NYC and a team of 30 employees, production never stops: “Trains are always running, and we don’t have to worry about abruptly stopping work because someone can’t be here.” Paul is extremely committed to his expert staff, rotating shifts and seeking special projects during the pandemic to keep everyone employed. In turn, all employees are committed to their positions and craft, with their expertise visible in every single stitch.

person cutting paper pattern for clothing on a table

Q&A with Happy Fashion on 36

What work have you most enjoyed?

Working with customers and seeing their new designs become a sample and then it's real. Some clients make clothing for celebrities and it's amazing that one day this garment is in our hands, and the next day we're looking at it on television.

What’s your advice to someone starting out in this business?

Passion and an idea is not enough in this industry. Do your research before you start a project. You don't need to know how everything works, but you should understand how an idea becomes real.