HD Perfect Design

“We're known for our workmanship and attention to detail.”

Ibrahim Ndoye

Ibrahim Ndoye and Helen Lee partnered in 2014 to establish HD Perfect Design.

The two originally met when Ibrahim became Helen’s customer. At the time, Ibrahim and his wife had spent over ten years building a womenswear brand. Helen owned one of the top factories they partnered with, and their relationship quickly evolved. While Helen managed all of the garment development and production needs, Ibrahim helped out with some of the day-to-day business management responsibilities. Over time, this developed into a formal partnership, and HD Perfect Design was born.

hd helen workspace
HD Perfect workspace

“We love a challenge.”

With both partners focusing on their individual areas of expertise, the company flourished. HD Perfect Design is known for its workmanship and attention to detail. As a full-production garment manufacturer, the company’s range of services and abilities sets it apart from the competition. Helen, Ibrahim and their team construct both men’s and women’s garments, and work in a diverse mix of materials. Clients include high-end brands and emerging designers, working their way up to notoriety.

“It’s exciting, tedious, and fun.”

As Ibrahim shares, his favorite projects in the “glory days before COVID” were tailored jackets, intricate detailing completed by hand, and labor-intensive collections. He and Helen enjoy challenges, and constantly push themselves and their team to grow. In fact, when the pandemic struck, this drive to improve and innovate was a significant asset to the company. While factories closed and client orders disappeared, HD Perfect Design quickly adapted. Working with other garment manufacturers, the company constructed nearly half a million medical gowns in just five weeks. HD Perfect Design is now back to focusing on fashion design, and is enjoying a steady growth. Ibrahim discusses his long-term goal of international expansion and is clearly enjoying every moment of the journey.

HD Perfect Staff

Q&A with Ibrahim Ndoye

What’s your advice to someone starting out in this business?

Stick with it, it’s a tough industry.

Best compliment received from a client?

I love hearing that our work is beautiful and well done. That’s why we’re doing it, and it's worth all the effort.

Favorite place to have lunch in the Garment District?

Izakaya MEW on 35th.