Jenny Fashion Studio

“Composed of pattern makers and technical sewers of 30 years of experience, Jenny Fashion can provide the best quality of patterns, design advice and sample sewing.”

Paul Kwon

Jenny Fashion Studio’s owner, Paul, has been creating garments his entire life.

With over 50 years in the industry, it’s easy to call Paul an expert. He learned his craft while working in factories in Korea, his first home. After building a successful business, he decided to embark on a new journey and set out for the United States. He quickly settled in the Garment District, where he has remained ever sense.

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Jenny Fashion Studio

“Machine threads don’t give you the same effect as a hand stitch.”

Specializing in handcrafted projects, Jenny Fashion Studio is known for their meticulous and expertly executed work. Very few companies complete projects with hand work, and this studio not only offers hand tailoring and stitching, but also finishing options like beading and embroidery.

“We’re fortunate to have a very loyal customer base.”

This expertise and attention to detail has made Paul stand out in the crowd. His clients are exclusively top-tier designers, and they have partnered together for a long time. As relationships grew, trust was formed, and Jenny Fashion Studio has earned the confidence to complete more and more projects with their clients. In addition to evening dresses and bridal work, they are now also completing ready to wear collections. As the team continues to develop these partnerships, they’re putting the work in with long hours and fast turnarounds. “The best compliments are from repeat customers who continue coming for more work, and sharing more responsibility”, shares Paul.

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