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“I'm always honest, so my clients trust that I will deliver on what I say can do.”

Jenny Koh

Jenny Koh never planned to work in fashion.

Her father started the business in 1979 and as Jenny grew, she watched the company transform. Originally a general sewing shop, her father’s talent, fashion acumen, and expertise propelled his business. Projects grew in size, and the customer base grew in notoriety. Jenny’s father embedded himself with select, top-tier designers, retained these relationships throughout his career and Jenny continues to work with some of these clients to this day.

While Jenny thought about a world outside of fashion, she went off to college, began a career in marketing and started a family. As her father got older, she assumed that he would eventually close his business and retire. However, her father got sick while Jenny was on maternity leave, and she stepped in to help. As she explains with a smile on her face: “It snowballed from there”, with Jenny taking over the family business in 1998.

Jen's Fashion garment district
Jen's Fashion production

“Designers send the simple work overseas. My work is detailed and intricate.

Throughout her career, Jenny has worked with internationally-recognized designers, offering support with detailing and the finishing enhancements. Today, she and her team stay busy with a narrow but exclusive list of long-term designer accounts. Jenny’s favorite projects are complex dresses, and she specializes in evening and bridal gowns. Because much of the simple work is sent overseas, it’s the intricate details, like hand embroidery and beading, that Jenny focuses on and completes in her studio.

“I’ll never leave the Garment District!”

Jenny works closely with her clients, as they depend on her for her expertise and reliability. It’s not uncommon for rush jobs to come her way, sometimes with a day or less turnaround. These clients have loyally partnered with Jen’s Fashion for many years, and Jenny frequently hand delivers the expedited garments. Consistently busy and content with her workload, Jenny is careful about adding new clients to her roster as she wants to ensure impeccable quality. “I’ve had these accounts forever and there’s a lot of trust”, she explains. Trust is earned and, while viewing Jenny’s portfolio of work, it’s easy to see that her clients’ loyalty is well-deserved.

Jen's Fashion

Q&A with Jenny Koh

What work have you most enjoyed?

I love seeing the beautiful work come in and out of my shop.

What’s your advice to someone starting out in this business?

You need to really, REALLY want to do this. And be a little crazy.

Who most influenced you?

My father. He didn't own a regular shop and just produce work, he was an artist and designer.