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“We take pride in knowing what our client base really needs. As the garment industry changes, our clients' needs change. Because we‘re so specialized to this industry, we really understand one another.”

Steve ZiangosOwner

Labels Inter-Global is about to celebrate its 30th business anniversary.

Labels Inter-Global has cemented its position as an industry-leading product identification specialist, thanks to a unique journey that began with a simple request for help. Before the company was founded, Steve Ziangos had been working as a research engineer overseas, specializing in electrical optical engineering and laser-related R&D projects. His mother’s career had led her to the Garment District, where she was a salesperson for a printing and garment labeling company. As she aspired to start her own business, she sought Steve’s guidance, who agreed to help get this new company up and running, thinking that he would then return to his engineering work. “Here we are, 30 years later, and I’m still doing this!”, he shares with a laugh. “When I decided to stay,” Steve explains, “I introduced barcoding and other technical innovations related to my engineering background. I had worked on flatbed scanners for retailers and understood that side of the business, which gave me a unique perspective. This retail background was a perfect fit for garment manufacturers who also wanted to be in retail.”

green long sleeve shirt hanging on a rack with the label tag showing
close up photo of paper inside a commercial printer

“Customers need everything faster and cheaper, and we strive to fulfill their needs.”

Labels Inter-Global stands out in the industry by producing goods domestically, a deviation from the common practice of reselling products produced overseas. The company prides itself on having a skilled technical team, including programmers and engineers who possess unmatched expertise. Steve also highlights the company’s commitment to innovation, citing their upcoming work for a new QR code platform for care labels.

In addition to barcoding, the company provides clients with hang tags, labels, RFID stickers, and is currently developing packaging solutions. When asked what the company’s key to long-term success has been, it’s with no hesitation that Steve mentions persistence: “We become proficient at something and then introduce a new method or technology to optimize the services that our clients need.” Labels Inter-Global also takes a personalized approach to customer service, providing each client with a dedicated advocate, and ensuring meticulous attention to detail and streamlined communication.

“Everybody needs labels.”

In the wake of the challenges posed by the pandemic, the company has had to navigate a new landscape where adaptability is key. With fewer staff, Labels Inter-Global has been quick to its optimize processes and take on more responsibility. At 83 years old, Steve’s mother remains an integral member of the team. Working on the production floor, she manages the printing department and operates the equipment. “She doesn’t want to stop! People jokingly ask why I won’t let my mom retire, but she’s her own person and she just loves doing this!.”

Looking to the next thirty years, Steve expresses cautious optimism. He is focused on diversifying the company’s offerings and finding new clients. “What we do is applicable to other sectors. We are just very specialized in the garment industry, and it takes a lot of manpower to expand to other industries.” Yet hard work has never been scared Steve’s team, and one of their newer collaborations is with toy manufacturers they offer new packaging solutions to. Its commitment to innovation and quality, along with the resilience and adaptability that have defined Labels Inter-Global’s journey so far will undoubtedly continue to drive its success in the years to come.

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Q&A with Steve Ziangos

What work have you most enjoyed?

We’re always creating more. Every time we figure something out, we’re already developing something new. It’s exciting.

What keeps you motivated?

I take pride in what we’ve created here. The motivation for me is to constantly keep it moving forward.

What's the best compliment you've received?

A long-term client was having a hard time and called to tell us they would be slow to pay and really needed some help. They needed the labels in order to get their garments out and generate revenue again. We continued to work with them and delayed payment for five months. They ended up resolving their issues, and were so appreciative for our cooperation. Some of these customers have been working with us for over 20 years, and if they need us to go above and beyond, we certainly will.