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“I'm excited that the path ahead is a little unknown.”

Nicole LevyMajo Sourcing

Nicole Levy has spent 17 years helping brands come to life.

While factories were closed during COVID, most of the garment work ended up being done by individuals in their homes. Watching companies outsource their work was eye-opening and got Nicole to identify an opportunity: working with contractors offered many benefits. Without the overhead of a factory, costs were significantly lower. There were fewer concerns linked to maintaining enough demand to keep workers busy, and as a result, small production runs were much easier to complete. However, outsourcing work also created many new complications, like maintaining quality and ensuring the right individuals were completing the job.

Having grown up in the Garment District, Nicole has deep industry knowledge and a large network. Her brand-new company, Majo Sourcing, connects designers with every resource they need to execute their vision. As Nicole explains, her consulting services include “whatever the client needs.” Her love for accessories and handbags draws her towards those projects, but she also consults with companies focused on jewelry, baby products, furniture details, dog accessories, and more.

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Majo Sourcing

“When clients come to me for design support, they can focus on other parts of their business.”

Beyond looking for her help in creating specific pieces, Nicole’s clients turn to her to advise and collaborate on the entire process around the design and production of accessories that will sell in stores. She helps designers with the concept development process, material selection, prototyping and sample making, through to full production. Her philosophy is to help designers with the design aspect, and then let the best makers do the making. Nicole’s network is extensive when it comes to materials sourcing, makers and factories: “I have the right person for everything.” By choosing the right person for each project, quality is assured.

“I want to help brands get to the next level.”

When asked about her long-term vision, Nicole excitedly shares that she’s ready to evolve and see how it all unfolds. She has worked with international designers before they were established, and is eager to identify and help develop the next big brand. She’s passionate about finding new and special projects to support, and quick to wholeheartedly help. With a lifetime of experience and a keen eye for quality, it feels like Nicole’s next success story is just around the corner.

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Q&A with Nicole Levy

What keeps you motivated?

I LOVE accessories. I’m an accessory junkie. I know every brand and I know everything about them.

Best compliment received from a client?

In my last job we asked people for a review for our website. Many of the clients said how I cared about them and gave their work so much attention. Reviews of all clients are amazing, but I love when people appreciate how much work you put in.

Favorite place to have lunch in the Garment District?

Le Pain Quotidien is great. The food is good and I love working in their space.