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“We do luxury garments, leather bags, swimwear…In fact, we offer pretty much everything to our clients.”

Jane LiuFounder

Jane Liu, the visionary founder of Newline Fashion Group, has spent the last fifteen years revolutionizing the landscape of garment manufacturing.

With a passion for empowering designers, Jane has built a company that serves as a bridge between U.S. clients and over 200 carefully vetted garment factories in China. Newline Fashion Group is not just about facilitating production; it serves as a personal advocate for designers, ensuring impeccable quality, communication, and a seamless process from sample creation to final delivery.

Many designers do not have the budget to complete their entire project within the Garment District, and few options exist for emerging or budget-constrained companies. While cost savings can be achieved by exporting part of their projects, outsourcing isn’t typically a popular option. As Jane explains, “For many local businesses, it’s too complicated to go to China for any production. Besides the time difference and the language barrier, it’s quite difficult for companies to know which manufacturers to rely on for high-quality production.”

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It’s in 2017 that Jane relocated to New York City to establish her famous fabric library.

In its New York City office, Newline Fashion Group boasts a fabric library housing over 10,000 high-quality fabrics, and offering a sensory experience for emerging and established designers alike. There, Jane and her team provide free consultations, assisting designers in navigating the vast inventory. The library is not merely a collection of materials; it’s a space where ideas come to life. About half of all customers come to Newline for their fabric and trims, electing to have their work produced locally.  These clients are grateful about saving costs by sourcing from China, and they appreciate the wide range of options that Jane and her team provide: “Designers really love our digital print options. They pick a fabric base, and we help them finish with their own artwork. We even offer custom and digital print jacquard fabric”. Impressively, Newline keeps 5,000 fabrics in stock, all of which are available to customers in less than a week. A partnership with a test lab lends an additional layer of quality control and assurance for customers.

“Eco-friendly and sustainable options are becoming more and more important to our customers.”

As Newline Fashion Group looks to the future, sustainability takes center stage. The company’s mission is to empower designers not just creatively but ethically as well. Through initiatives like a robust eco-friendly fabric inventory, recycled hang tags, and a myriad of additional sustainable options, the company is eager to support responsible practices whenever possible. In an industry where speed and innovation often overshadow environmental concerns, Jane Liu’s company is a testament to the possibility of combining creativity with sustainability.

Jane Liu’s Newline Fashion Group is not just a manufacturing business; it’s a guiding force for designers navigating the complex world of garment production. With a rich history and a forward-looking approach which encompasses a true commitment to sustainability, Jane and her team are setting the standard for a new era in fashion — one where creativity, quality, and ethical practices coexist harmoniously.

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