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“We are a sewing machine doctor.”

Samuel ArtilesOwner

Samuel Artiles has been fixing sewing machines since he was 17 years old.

“There were many garment factories in the Dominican Republic when I was growing up”, he shares. A large number of manufacturers meant that there also were many highly trained sewing machine mechanics. Fascinated with sewing machines and realizing the significant demand for skilled technicians, Samuel enrolled in a college program to master the art of sewing machine repair. This training involved balancing the roles of a student and practitioner, as he learned and practiced the trade both in the classroom and factory floors. After graduation, Samuel himself became a teacher.

close up photo of string in a needle attached to a sewing machine
photo of a walking foot sewing machine

“I love my job because I love sewing machines.”

While in the Dominican Republic, Samuel also worked for at one of the world’s renowned denim brands, Levi’s, maintaining and fixing their sewing machines. But as globalization reshaped the industry, many companies moved their operations overseas, leaving the Dominican Republic with fewer opportunities. This shift prompted Samuel to pursue the American dream. He moved to New York City, becoming a manager at a local sewing machine shop which bought and sold machines to local Garment District manufacturers, in addition to offering repairs. When the company closed in 2001, Samuel jumped on the opportunity to finally establish his own business: S&A Sewing Machines.

“We have been growing steadily.

S&A Sewing Machines has managed to quickly stand out and is grateful for its ever-growing list of loyal clients. The company houses an impressive collection of sewing equipment, making it a one-stop shop for businesses of the Garment District. Over the years, Samuel has expanded to a larger location and added storage units to house extra inventory. His commitment to stocking an extensive inventory of sewing machines and equipment parts ensures that customers can find everything they need to keep their production running smoothly and consistently.

Samuel’s expertise is also unparalleled, and his customers trust that their commercial sewing machines are in capable hands under his care. With many years of experience working on factory floors himself, Samuel understands how catastrophic equipment breakdowns can be to a factory, which is why he offers same-day estimates to evaluate his clients’ machines. S&A Sewing Machines is proud to have slowly and steadily build a solid reputation as the go-to sewing machine experts in the Garment District, based on the quality of the company’s work and the trust customers have bestowed in Samuel and his team.

photo showing the bottom interior of a sewing machine parts

Q&A with Samuel Artiles

What work have you most enjoyed?

I love electrical work. We buy and fix a lot of steam boilers. The tailor shops prefer the older models and I very much enjoy fixing them up.

What work have you most enjoyed?

I love every aspect of my job. I wake up early because I am excited to be here every single day.