Super Rush Trims

“I make the process easy for clients. Making garments is hard enough, I want to give them peace of mind.”

Sulé Griffith

Sulé Griffith’s foray into the fashion world started with a simple need — a job.

New to the Garment District, Sulé needed a job and found himself making deliveries for a trim factory. Ambitious and drawing on early exposure to sewing from his seamstress mother, he gradually delved into the intricacies of the trade, soaking in the knowledge of sewing machines and trim making.

As he continued his work at the factory over the next eight years, Sulé’s responsibilities evolved. He learned how to use the machinery and started cutting and sewing. Eventually, he became the go-to person for customer service. Clients were drawn to his easygoing nature, and his ability to articulate complex projects in simple terms. Through these discussions and relationships, he identified gaps in services that the factory could not provide.

Seizing the opportunity to fill these voids, Sulé began sourcing materials to offer specialty services as a side job. This endeavor not only allowed him to buy his first sewing machine, but also served as the catalyst for his journey into entrepreneurship.

Super Rush Trims
sule griffith

I realized I could just do this for myself.”

Armed with determination and an entrepreneurial spirit, he started small, handling specialty trims such as braided belts, smocking, and unique quilting projects. He also partnered with other factories to complete projects, which created challenges linked to delivery, scheduling, and planning. Sulé eventually decided to streamline the process by incorporating Super Rush Trims, renting a dedicated space, and bringing more services in-house. As demand for his specialized services grew, so did his arsenal of sewing equipment: “With every project, I was able to invest more, and better equip the company.” What started as a solo venture dedicated to specialty projects evolved into a one-stop-shop for a wide array of garment trims.

I want to help give designers confidence to keep their work here in NYC and keep the ‘Made In America’ label really stand true.”

Sulé’s vision for Super Rush Trims is not just about providing exceptional garment trims; it extends to instilling confidence in designers to keep their work in New York City. As Super Rush Trims expands to meet the increasing demand for their services and invests in cutting-edge equipment, Sulé emphasizes a crucial distinction — while trims can be sourced anywhere, the unparalleled quality of care and commitment found at Super Rush Trims set the company apart.

With a steadfast dedication to clients, including next-day delivery services, Sulé has shaped his business on principles of understanding both emerging and established designers’ broader needs, fostering honesty, transparency, fair dealings, and, above all, providing them with genuine peace of mind.

In a bustling industry, Super Rush Trims stands as a beacon, embodying the essence of ‘Made in America’ and ensuring that the craftsmanship and care invested in each project truly stand the test of time.

super rush trims cutting fabric

Q&A with Sule Griffith

What work have you most enjoyed?

I love walking into a store and recognizing a line or piece I worked on. It's rewarding to know that I was able to add on to that finished piece

Who most influenced you?

My faith is my biggest influence. It keeps me grounded and motivated to do better.

What’s your advice to someone starting out in this business?

Brace yourself for the hard days and know that once you have your vision, stay true to it. Not every day is a walk in the park, but it works when you hang in there.