Super Rush Trims

“Super Rush began as a side hustle before it became real.”

Sule Griffith

Sule Griffith started out in the Garment Business when he came to NYC after graduation.

Sule Griffith started out in the Garment Business when he came to NYC after graduation. He was working for a friend, doing demolition work in a Garment District building, and the factory in the building ended up hiring him to do odd jobs. After serving as their delivery person, he eventually moved onto their production floor, where he learned his first sewing skills in the trim business. At some point, a friend of a friend couldn’t find anyone to do a large quantity of quilting, so Sule found a way to get the work done on Long Island.

Launched Super Rush in 2015, thanks to an initial investment that a friend made. The company focuses on a wide range of trim work: spaghetti straps, button loops, bindings, printing & smocking. Sule also continues to help customers with their quilting. His customers do production season by season, regularly returning with more work.

Super Rush Trims
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“My customers like coming to the shop because of the relationships we build. They are able to trust that I will get their work done.”

The company is known for its quick turnaround and the high quality of its work. Customers have expressed that the attention to detail and impeccable quality help in their production. Sule’s ability to build relationships with clients has helped him quickly expand Super Rush’s operations.

Super Rush has been based in three different locations, all in the Garment District. Sule initially moved to his current site on 35th Street in January of 2020 with a patternmaker, but operations grew so quickly that he had to ask his co-renter to move out. Of course, he helped her move and set up her new site. Super Rush was extremely busy during COVID, supporting mask production with significant bias binding work. A few months ago, Sule learned from a delivery guy that another nearby trimming company was going out of business and selling off some of its equipment. After chatting with Sule for ten minutes, the owner recognized his passion and dedication, and decided to sell most of his 30 year-old business to Super Rush.

“In the future, we hope to keep expanding. Machinery costs a lot and space is limited. We hope to become a more predominant supplier with the ability to take on government contracts.”

Finding workers can be challenging, and in addition to acquiring more equipment, Sule is focused on expanding and training his team. For now, it’s one of Super Rush’s talented employees who happens to be in his 70’s that is training the less experienced team members. Despite the challenges that the Garment District businesses face, Sule remains optimistic about the future.

Q&A with Sule Griffith

What work have you most enjoyed?

Making things on the machines. I am excited to give clients exactly what they want, and then some.

Who most influenced you?

My faith is my biggest influence. It keeps me grounded and motivated to do better.

What’s your advice to someone starting out in this business?

Be patient. The beginning isn’t easy. Maintain the quality.

Fun fact about you?

I love music, and I have played the drums for 15 years.