T & M Plating

“We start with an idea, create the actual model and mold, then complete the production from beginning to the end. There's nobody else like that in NYC.”

Joseph AmieChief Executive Officer

T & M Plating has been operating out of the Garment District since 1962.

Pulling from his background in organic chemistry, Joe Amie bought the company in 1989. He has since grown the two-man operation into one of the largest metal manufacturing companies in New York City. Initially, T&M Plating only offered plating services, but Joe quickly increased the company’s capacity to casting, and later added polishing and sanding. Services continued to expand with assembly and stoning, and T&M Plating is now a one-stop-shop, offering beginning to end services to its clients.

T&M Plating
T&M Plating

“We help designers achieve what they set out to achieve.”

With this range of capabilities comes a variety of projects and clients. Joe has a real passion for his craft. He is happy to work with all types of customers and projects, from architectural hardware, electroplating pieces in various finishes for custom home décor and restoring decorative pieces – an antique watch, candelabra, or other metal heirlooms – to creating custom jewelry and hardware for fashion designers or shoemakers. The company works with designers, developing their ideas and building an actual model and mold for mass production, and then completing the production from beginning to end. Very few, if any, companies in NYC can offer these services.

“What else could I ask for?”

Joe radiates warmth and he has a sincere desire to help people succeed. That feeling extends to his clients, staff, and personal relationships. He is focused on helping his clients succeed and enjoys partnering with both established and emerging designers. Some don’t know how to get started, so they come to Joe with a drawing. Eager to advise and support, he is quick to put everything aside to work through his designers’ ideas, and jointly develop the concept they have in mind to then create a sample. Joe’s customers are more than a client list; he has successfully built a community and is proud of his results: “I try to help, and some clients become giants.”

He is also quick to acknowledge the support he has received along the way. Most employees at T&M Plating have worked with Joe since he acquired the company over thirty years ago. The newest addition joined the team 8 years ago. This loyalty is a testament to his kind nature, compassion, and the quality of his leadership. Many attribute T&M Plating’s success to Joe’s creativity and attention to detail; yet, when asked to name the company’s most critical element behind its success, Joe most happily credits his incredibly talented staff and supportive family.

T&M Plating metalworks

Q&A with Joseph Amie

What’s your advice to someone starting out in this business?

Go work for someone in the field, and get all the experience you can before starting out on your own. There are so many curves ahead that you won’t see if you don't first learn from an established design house.

Who most influenced you?

My father taught me that if I wanted to succeed, I needed to work hard and be honest with my customers. There are no easy way out.

Favorite place to have lunch in the Garment District?

Colbeh on 39th. But, if you know of any good Italian spots in the neighborhood, please let us know!