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“I love this industry and I’m happy to be doing something I'm passionate about. Now I want to help others build their passions as well.”

Jennifer Carrillos

With both parents working in Garment District factories, Jennifer grew up in the industry and always knew that she wanted to follow in their footsteps.

While Jennifer was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she began working closely with a designer. Realizing that she was gaining invaluable hands-on experience at the fashion house, she left school and absorbed everything she could. This experience and mentorship had a clear and significant impact, fueling Jennifer’s passion for seeing others succeed. After working in fashion for thirteen years, she branched out two years ago to establish Top Notch Sourcing, which serves as an incubator for emerging brands. While she is active in all steps of early growth, it’s helping new designers create their first capsule collection that Jennifer finds most exciting.

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Jennifer Carrillos

I wish I had guidance when I started out. Now that I have the information, I want to share it.”

Quality and authenticity are at the forefront of her business model. She is honest and fair with both costs and opinions: “If I don’t believe in a project, I’ll pass. I’m trying to help people succeed.” While others in the industry have minimum order requirements, Jennifer is determined to nurture emerging designers, regardless of their production size. Her services are cost-effective, and her solutions flexible. Top Notch Sourcing works with many different products and design styles, from everyday necessities to luxury accessories. When working as a production agent, she offers consultation and production process advice. Other times, she supports with materials and production sourcing. She also has a network of models and stylists for photo shoots. As Jennifer explains, “Some designers don’t know where or how to start. Others already have fabrics and patterns. My work is unique to each project.”

What they say is true: the more work you put in, the more you get out.”

Jennifer is focused on establishing a solid foundation for Top Notch Sourcing and has long-term ambitions of serving a global market. While working toward that goal, she is also growing her factory capacity with new machinery. With these enhancements, she can successfully continue to offer more flexibility and support to those who most need it.

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Q&A with Jennifer Carrillos

What work have you most enjoyed?

It's so exciting to see a finished product in stores or on celebrities. Knowing I collaborated on it gets me so hyped!

Best compliment received from a client?

I've become friends with my customers, outside from the business.

Favorite place to have lunch in the Garment District?

Black Iron on 37th. Everyone there is in the industry. I love the energy and madness.