Wing and Weft

“Some of our employees have been exclusively making gloves for 37 years. Wing and Weft is holding on to that knowledge.”

Katie Sue Nichols

Wing and Weft is the last glove maker in Manhattan.


Wing and Weft is the last glove maker in Manhattan. Originally known as Lacresia Gloves, the company had acquired two factories: a fabric and a leather glove maker. As for Katie Sue Nicklos, she was a theatrical costumer and a customer of Lacresia Gloves before taking over the business in 2017. She was very grateful to be chosen by the previous owners, who recognized that Katie Sue’s mind was already calibrated towards the technical aspects and that she quickly picked up glove making.

Wing and Weft makes small batch production runs of gloves, and is proud to have made the gloves for most First Ladies’ inauguration ceremonies since Jaqueline Kennedy, as well as Michael Jackson’s famous white glove, and a myriad of other celebrities’ gloves.

Wing and Weft glove maker
wing and weft leather

We are here to preserve the craft of glove-making. That’s our #1 goal: making sure we can carry that mission on.”

The company stands out with its leather work; in fact, some of its employees have exclusively been making gloves for 37 years and Wing and Weft is holding onto that knowledge. Wing and Weft also offers thousands of unique gloves for rental and is the only company offering that service.

The number one challenge that the company is facing is space and staying in the Garment District. As Katie Sue explains, they have to sell a lot of gloves to afford to stay where they are. To help cover its costs, the company sometimes uses its space in creative ways, helping other people who need to be here like us maintain their hooks to the Garment District. Staying in the district also matters a lot when it comes to retaining their highly specialized employees, who use public transportation to go to work. If money were no object, she would buy an entire building.

I will never move away from the Garment District. We have to be here, close to our Broadway customers. Our clients are all 20-40 mins away from here. Nobody is going to use Uber to send work out to Red Hook.”

Wing and Weft has some wonderful high school interns right now who are interested in the Garment District and the creation process. In addition to supporting the younger crowd through internships, the company is also dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities and offering discounts to customers from these communities.

“We love being here. I love my job. I love the rainbow of clients we have. We will keep going as long as possible.”

Wing and Weft team

Q&A with Katie Sue Nicklos

What work have you most enjoyed?

I really love making custom gloves for those who have never felt comfortable in a glove. Individuals who have lost digits or who are transitioning in gender. I love working with people to make them gloves that fit.

What keeps you motivated?

Knowing I’m creating – not just physical things, but a nice space and a community/family of employees, and customers.

Who most influenced you?

My great friend Glenn Devries. He just passed away last year. He was a huge champion of that mojo in me of creating. Everybody needs a major cheerleader. He was always my cheerleader, encouraging me. And he still is.

Best compliment received from a client?

When we successfully delivered a final fitting to someone who never felt comfortable with gloves: “Oh my God it fits, and oh my God I feel fabulous!”

What’s your advice to someone starting out in this business?

Don’t worry about what you have done in the past. I didn’t attend a big name NYC theater school. I went to a small liberal arts school in Kansas. Be flexible. Be positive. Don’t let other people’s impressions of you affect you. Roll with the punches. Show up. Be nice. Be reliable. Learn when you need to learn.