Financial Planning

Understanding your finances is a key to success. Our team of financial experts offer strategic guidance to help small and mid-sized businesses boost profitability, scale, and ensure that day-to-day business operations run smoothly. Learn more about these popular services below.

Cost Reductions

Developing sustainable products and improving operation systems can not only reduce pollution and waste, but can save valuable resources. We’ll help you reduce energy costs, wasted resources, time, space, and more.

Succession Planning

Who is capable of managing your business once you decide to move on, or retire? How will ownership be transferred? Is selling the best option? With the goals of increasing success, trust and productivity within your organization, ITAC’s succession planning program seeks to help you manage these and many related issues, and set up a smooth transition between you and the future owners.

Price + Cost Analysis

Do you know the true costs of producing your products? Through cost analysis, even the most complex manufacturing projects will become fully transparent. Understand your costs and identify cost saving opportunities with the help of our experts.

Financial Systems

Gain financial clarity through your data. We offer assessments, information cleanup, and custom reporting for better decision making and planning. Build strategies for success with clear metrics, projections, profit mapping, and cash flow evaluations.

Sales Planning

A well thought-out, adaptable sales plan is a roadmap that will help you convert strategic priorities into sales deliverables, gain new clients, and grow business from existing ones. We address the strategic and organizational issues that impact selling performance to help you positively transform your sales organization and improve sales productivity, performance and profitability.

Grants & Incentives

ITAC understands incentives, grants and other assistance programs, and can help you locate, apply for and receive funding for a variety of projects, including National Grid, TAAC, and a range of other government and private funding opportunities.

Unlock your growth potential and take control of your financials, profits, and company’s future. Contact us today to learn about these services and how we can help grow your business.

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