NYC Manufacturing & Product Development Asset Map

Manufacturing has long been a key sector in New York City’s economy.

Despite the industry’s importance for quality job creation, the local contract manufacturing ecosystem remains largely opaque. To help establish a more robust asset map of the NYC regional manufacturing and product development landscape, ITAC and Urbane Development have developed a brief survey designed to illuminate existing capacity to serve both startups and established businesses, in addition to highlighting market opportunities and gaps.

Information gathered through the survey will support manufacturers in connecting to business opportunities, local suppliers and strategic partners.

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Survey Developed by ITAC & Urbane Development

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ITAC is a premier manufacturing advisement firm that connects New York City firms to ideas, resources, and experts to help them grow their businesses, improve their bottom lines, and achieve their strategic goals. ITAC works with companies throughout the five boroughs, helping them expand into new markets, create innovative products, develop their customer base, find new partners, improve their processes and develop sustainable practices. This also translates into job creation/retention, and significant economies of time and money. As the NYC chapter of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership nationwide network, ITAC is part of the largest consulting network in the U.S. serving small and medium manufacturing and technology companies, and has access to an unparalleled knowledge base. With a 30+ year record of helping companies succeed, ITAC’s team also has a deep understanding of opportunities and challenges that are unique to New York City.

Urbane Development

Urbane Development is community development venture creating strategies for community wealth and innovation. Urbane specializes in supporting entrepreneurs and neighborhood anchor institutions take their businesses and organizations to the next level.