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The NYMEP COVID Recovery Initiative

The NYMEP COVID Recovery Initiative

The NYMEP COVID Recovery Initiative will support manufacturers in recovering from pandemics and positioning themselves for future competitiveness and resilience. The NYMEP, with support from Empire State Development, launched this initiative to assist companies in reshoring and rebuilding supply chains, securing personal protective equipment, improving safety and efficiency, adopting new technologies, and enhancing resilience for future disruptions.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Assistance

ITAC is proud to lead the PPE Assistance Program and assist small and medium manufacturers statewide to efficiently and sustainably secure PPE. As part of the PPE maximization effort, we will also provide project subsidies for ten NYS manufacturers and high-technologies companies focused on PPE to help them scale up.

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PPE Survey for NYS Manufacturers

Are you a NYS manufacturer producing PPE and/or looking to access PPE? If so, please take this brief survey.

The NYMEP is helping manufacturers statewide to access PPE in response to COVID-19. We will use your responses to get a better sense of the demand for PPE categories and types, and will then validate competitive suppliers and recommend PPE buying channels to manufacturers statewide.

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PPE Self-Assessment & Forecasting Tool

Looking for an easy way to determine what type of PPE you need, forecast required quantities, and manage your PPE inventory?

Learn about the intuitive PPE Self-Assessment & Forecasting tool that we have developed for the manufacturing community. Our diagnostic tool will help you easily identify and manage your PPE needs and inventory.

Access the tool and receive a full explanation on how to use it.

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Thomas COVID-19 Response System for NYS PPE Manufacturers/Suppliers

We are excited to announce that NYMEP has partnered with Thomas to deliver an information-packed and actionable webinar to help NYS PPE Manufacturer/Supplier businesses reach additional clients.

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Presenters & Panelists:

  • Andrew Hanno, Director of Demand Generation – Thomas
  • Cathy Ma, Head of Audience Development – Thomas
  • Kinda Younes, Executive Director – ITAC
  • Stacey Weismiller, Program Manager – SecondMuse
NYS PPE Manufacturer/Suppliers have an opportunity to be part of the free program by completing the form to the right.

PPE Grants (Closed)

PPE Scaling and Maximization Grants

The New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NY MEP), with help from Empire State Development (ESD), provided grants to NYS manufacturers and technology companies under the COVID Recovery initiative.

ITAC administered the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Assistance Fund in two phases. Phase 1 assisted companies working to extend the lifespan of PPE and Phase 2 supported the scaling needs of PPE manufactures.

ITAC and Fuzehub put together a showcase, highlighting PPE Assistance Fund recipients. The maximum PPE grant award amount was $10,000.

PPE Grant Recipient Showcase

PPE Procurement Guide

NYMEP’s PPE Procurement Guide is now live. Here, you will find verified PPE manufacturers in New York State who have prioritized local production and sustainability. We have also included different resources and tools designed to make ordering PPE and supporting local manufacturers as easy and reliable as possible.

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Understanding Sustainable PPE in New York State

The panel style webinar featured grant winners who focused on pivoting and maximizing Sustainable PPE across NYS during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as researchers and a innovators focused on sustainable manufacturing solutions. The panel will end with a Q&A from the audience.

Topics Covered: 

  • What is Sustainable PPE?
  • Types of Sustainable PPE cleaning and sanitizing technologies
  • Who is in this industry, where to purchase sustainable PPE, and solutions currently available in the market
  • Examples of companies and solutions coming from the Maximization and Sustainable PPE Grant Process run by NY ITAC and SecondMuse

Speakers Included:

  • Jonathan Levine – CoFounder and CEO, Folia Materials
  • Ken Schlafer – Technical Program Manager, NYP21
  • Michael Saxon – Director of Operations, New York Embroidery Studio
  • Stacey Weismiller – Senior Project Manager, SecondMuse

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Thomas and New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership Launch Joint Program to Bolster State Manufacturing

Source: Yahoo Finance

Thomas, the leader in product sourcing, supplier selection, and marketing solutions for industry, the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NY MEP), and SecondMuse announced a joint program today to help New York State-based manufacturers and distributors of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical equipment and services reach in-market buyers across North America.

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