Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Grant Recipient:

CPAC Equipment, Inc. 

CPAC Equipment, Inc. is the sole manufacturer of High-Velocity Hot Air (HVHA) medical instrument sterilizers. During COVID, CPAC repurposed its sterilizers through the FDA Emergency Use Authorization process for on-site reprocessing of NIOSH approved and FDA cleared N95 respirators and surgical masks for single user reuse. CPAC’s primary products are the RapidHeatTM HVHA RH-Pro11 and RH-Pro9 sterilizers, both of which have incorporated its RH-N95 Mask Decontamination System that was heavily used during the COVID PPE shortages.

The NY MEP PPE Grant facilitated the repurposing of CPAC Pro Series Sterilizers. This was done through software development and integration with Pro Series sterilizer hardware to achieve a desired decontamination temperature. FDA subsequently accepted the High-Velocity Hot Air (HVHA) process for N95 respirators (N95 masks), becoming the only successful mask decontamination process available for on-site, single user reuse in small healthcare clinics, hospitals, emergency response services, and schools. The CPAC Pro Series Sterilizers have the capability of processing 96 masks per hour, while preserving mask integrity and performance for at least five mask reuses. This software upgrade is now available as a standard feature on all Pro Series HVHA sterilizers.
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