Food Defense

Self-Paced Online Course

Online Course Information:

Food Defense is the effort to protect food from acts of intentional adulteration. The FDA issued the final rule in May 2016 on mitigation strategies to protect food against “Intentional Adulteration”, which requires applicable facilities to formulate and implement food defense plans.

The purpose of the food defense plan is to prevent food products from being adulterated by any source inside or outside the company. Such acts intended to cause wide-spread harm to public health, including but not limited to acts of terrorism intending to target food supply, could cause illness, death and economic turmoil to the food supply. Implementing an effective food defense plan will allow for the prevention, protection against, mitigation, response time and recovery from any intentional adulteration of our food supply. Furthermore, food defense is already a requirement for all GFSI accredited Food Safety Management Systems (SQF, BRC, etc.).

The following course will dive deep into the understanding of food defense requirements and how to create a customized food defense plan for the participant’s facility.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify potential threats to the food manufacturing process from internal/externals sources

  • Devise a food defense plan; physical/procedural countermeasures identifying risk, plan execution testing and creating a crisis management program

  • Create broad and focused mitigations strategies, vulnerability assessments and scenarios to test facility readiness

  • Develop recall programs in response to intentional adulteration

The participant will receive a certificate of successful completion for the course after passing the cumulative final assessment.

This course is designed for:

  • Senior Management at your plant/distribution center

  • Risk and Compliance Managers

  • SQF Practitioners, SQF Auditors and SQF Consultants

  • Business Owners, selected supervisory team members and specialists (HR, IT, security personnel, etc.) who work at your company and who wish to gain an insight into how to develop, write and implement this mandatory Food Defense system

Online content benefits compared to in-person: 

  • Self-paced – allows flexibility

  • Online support with instructor as needed

  • Affordable and competitive pricing – a great way to supplement in-person training by creating a strong baseline prior to enrolling for an in-person training