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Online Food Training

The MEP National Network is dedicated to the future success of manufacturing. One of the most vibrant and growing sectors in the United States is the food processing and manufacturing industry.

Since the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act, the MEP National Network has increased its emphasis on supporting food manufacturers, processors, and others affected by the updated law. We have expanded our food program to include key training requirements for manufacturers to enable and ensure compliance.

In cooperation with our partners, we are focusing on the key elements that make members of the America’s food production community grow profitably.

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MEP National Network Food Manufacturing Services

Self-Paced Online Courses

The MEP National Network offers the five food programs below online. Each program offers food and beverage manufacturers across the nation access to self-paced, in-depth online food training courses. Use these courses to upskill employees and remain in compliance. These online training courses are a fantastic option for those looking for supplemental education or those looking to refresh their skills after the in-person training. 

cGMP Readiness

cGMP Readiness is the process that ensures the quality of a product by establishing manufacturing procedures, ensuring that food is safe and has been prepared, packed, and stored under hygienic conditions.

Food Allergens

With millions affected by food allergens, consumers look to food companies to provide them with safe food products. Consumers rely on the industry to recognize, process and market foods with correct labeling.

Food Defense

Food Defense is the effort to protect food from acts of intentional adulteration. The purpose of the food defense plan is to prevent food products from being adulterated by any source inside or outside the company.

Food Recall

A food recall is either a food manufacturer or suppliers’ voluntary response to a mislabeling, or potential hazard by removing a product from the marketplace or it is mandated by the FDA in response to a food safety issue determined.

HACCP Overview

Participants will learn about the background of HACCP as a food safety system and how it can be practically applied. This is hands-on training that will guide you through the steps to develop and implement a science-based HACCP Program for your facility.

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