Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Grant Recipient:

MYT Works

MYT Works is a design, engineering and manufacturing company based in Brooklyn, NY. From concept to finished product, all its operations are done in-house. This is particularly helpful in product development where proof of concept can be brought to life in a very short time. Almost 30 % of machine time in MYT Works’ shop is devoted to prototype parts making. Additionally, single one-off parts can be tested, assembled and modified as new projects takes shape. Because MYT Works runs production regularly, it works out production run issues in the prototyping phase, saving a lot of time and efficiency.

The NY MEP PPE Grant has been incredibly helpful to MYT Works. The new system MYT Works designed and engineered would have been postponed significantly without the grant. Following months of research and development, MYT Works new invention is now in the prototyping stage. Not only was the proof of concept successful, but the teams actually has a working prototype. MYT Works is now fine-tuning some of its features for a more streamlined operation. The grant has also allowed the manufacturer to shorten the development process by working with a mechanical engineer. This made a big difference and contributed to a more focused research and development timeline.

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