Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Grant Recipient:

TelosAir Corp

TelosAir Corp develops next-generation air monitoring sensors. The company’s initial product, Duet, is a novel, low-cost, IoT sensor that can measure the concentrations of airborne particles, CO2, and VOCs, and air properties of temperature, pressures, and relative humidity. TelosAir’s latest product, Trio, combines Duet sensing with a patented cassette system that can collect particles with a low-pressure drop system and allow for offline chemical/biological analysis.

In addition to Duet and Trio, TelosAir offers an Air Quality Gateway, that wirelessly collects data from its sensors, and other air quality instruments in the market, and pushes the data to the cloud. Combined, the business’ portfolio of sensors, enables accurate air monitoring and optimization of HVAC operation for efficient indoor air management. TelosAir’s sensors address the dual challenge of reducing airborne infections and increasing energy efficiency of large building spaces such as hospitals and commercial real-estate.

The NY MEP PPE Grant allowed TelosAir to accelerate the development of its Trio sensor from computer model to prototype, and demo it for potential clients. The grant allowed TelosAir to work with a mechanical designer and a prototype builder to produce near manufacturing-ready unit for testing, demo, and even initial sales.

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