Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Grant Recipient:

Tratado LLC

Tratado LLC is a New York-based hardware and software technology company, servicing the apparel industry. Effective in 2020, Tratado began to support PPE and face masks production with Golden Fleece Manufacturing Group in Long Island City. The company developed protocols and implemented best practices to safeguard each manufacturing outpost combining PPE and face mask measures.

With the support of the NY MEP PPE Grant, Tratado developed a plan to address an urgent need for mask manufacturers. The company created a multidisciplinary team bringing together many domains of experience and focusing on adherence to patent law and compliance. This included garment design, fit and manufacturing, mechanism design, and software development. Tratado also formed local partnerships to guide product development and manufacturing protocols and was selected to participate in a Manufacturer’s IC-LAB (incubator), in conjunction with the SBA. Moreover, Tratado identified an immediate need in the market to ramp up local production of PPE with size and fit customization. The company collaborated with LaGuardia Community College in the development of training modules for its workforce and partnered with Marrs Makers to execute a pilot project for mask customization at a Queens elementary/middle school.