Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Grant Recipient:

uvcPhyzx Corp

uvcPhyzx Corp is a startup manufacturing company. Its primary products include Aerosol Pathogen Reduction systems. uvcPhyzx has developed two types of personal protective devices – one that is portable and the other that is mounted in a specific location. The personal unit device utilizes UVC LED technology, and its room-sized protective equipment units use Low Pressure Mercury Vapor (LPMV) lamps to deactivate RNA pathogens.

These products are unique in that they can be used in occupied spaces. uvcPhyzx’s personal unit protects a healthy individual from infection, while being present in locations with pathogen contaminated air. And the company’s room-sized design targets a reduction in aerosol viral transmission from an infected individual to a healthy individual in the same space. In short, the room unit is mounted in a specific location and the personal unit is portable.

The NY MEP PPE Grant enabled uvcPhyzx to bring injection molding and polymer expertise into its development team. uvcPhyzx 3D printed silicone internal components to produce prototype cast parts for performance evaluation and productibility. Several design for manufacturing and assembly iterations of the beta chassis and enclosure components were facilitated at Mercury Corporation, its contract manufacturing partner. The results of these efforts culminated in the production of a beta “room-sized” device, which is scheduled to be CARm certified.

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