Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Grant Recipient:

Yula Corporation

Yula Corporation is a family owned and operated manufacturing firm located in the Bronx. Yula custom designs and fabricates shell & tube heat exchangers for multiple industries, including pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical, paper and HVAC.

Yula is one of the pioneers in sanitary heat exchanger design, which is now the pharmaceutical industry standard. Yula’s sanitary heat exchangers are used as part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, where purified water and other fluids are heated and cooled to specific temperatures.

With the help of a lean manufacturing consultant, the NY MEP PPE Grant has helped Yula implement 5S cleaning & organization standards across its shop, streamlining workflow to eliminate waste, and identify fabrication processes which could be refined. All these improvements will have a direct impact on the company’s ability to scale its manufacturing and reduce lead times, particularly for pharmaceutical customers and vaccine manufacturing projects.

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