Improve Your Social With Your Cell

We all know that businesses should be active on social media…but what should we be posting, saying, and how do we get all of these visuals? Studies show that viewers love progress photos and videos, before and after shots, and behind-the-scenes visuals. That means that manufacturers have hundreds, maybe thousands, of moments to capture – if you know how.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get attention-grabbing images and video. Watch our free webinar below, hosted by social media expert, Tracy Petrucci, and learn how manufacturers can use their cell phone to:

  • Capture engaging content to inspire your feed + drive engagement
  • Use your cell phone to get high quality pictures
  • Visually tell a story brand
  • Gain new followers + identify new prospects
  • Identify key metrics of success

Watch the recording of our live webinar below!

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