In this market, finding skilled employees puts a strain on valuable resources – including time and money. What if there was a way to reduce the number of new hires needed or hours worked on the production floor? What if this approach could also help you maximize output, reduce costs, and strengthen your business?

Lean manufacturing is best described as the relentless elimination of waste. It has generated billions of dollars in cost savings and increased revenue for American manufacturers. The basic concepts of Lean manufacturing strive to increase efficiency. With this in in mind, it’s easy to see how a streamlined process can apply to and benefit short-staffed companies. Removing non-value added activities and creating efficient flows through your company can add valuable time back to your days. With improved, streamlined processes, productivity can potentially be increased without additional resources or staff. At a time where everyone searching for the right talent, reducing production hours or overtime can have a drastic impact. Within the context of staff, reducing production hours is just one benefit. Imagine what other value-added and profit-making activities your company could be working towards if you had more time and resources.

The power of Lean lies in its ability to reduce costs in all areas.  Implementing lean practices can help manufacturers be more responsive to customer needs while growing their bottom line. Recent studies have found that Lean programs can result in:

  • 50-70% reduction in lead times
  • 10-40% increase in productivity
  • 25-75% improvement in quality
  • 70% less space used
  • 50% reduction in inventory

Waste in industry, whether that is idle workers, limited staff, poor processes or unused materials are a drain on productivity. Lean manufacturing aims to eliminate these. The experts at ITAC are trained to help you identify improvements and create custom plans including technical, manufacturing, and production support, technology acquisition, asset management and failure analysis to support you on your Lean journey. Contact us today to get started.