In today’s economic climate, every dollar matters. Cutting costs is a common goal for many organizations to improve margins and profitability. ITAC’s partners work with organizations to uncover refunds and savings – without changing your current vendors.

How It Works:

  • Start with a free 30 minute discovery call
  • A free audit is completed to discover potential refunds and savings
  • From these findings, you can receive refunds from billing errors and negotiate contract rate reductions
  • You only pay if savings and refunds are generated

This team has a 98% success rate in finding clients savings. Take a look below for a summary of one recent client.

Case Study:

A NYS manufacturer had a priority to reduce costs, but didn’t now where to begin. After a 30 minute discovery call, 4 areas of expenses were identified for an audit. This free audit uncovered multiple vendor overcharges and errors. In addition to correcting billing errors, new, more favorable contracts were negotiated with some of the manufacturer’s vendors.

The Results:

  • $24,565 utility expense refunds
  • $8,400 annual savings in trash and recycling expenses
  • $5,800 annual telecom savings
  • $5,080 annual savings in vendor charges


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